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Saturday, May 27, 2006

sharon's excursion

We went to Hyde Park Barracks Museum the day before yesterday. We met at Kogarah station in the morning. We caught the train to Martin place.

Firstly, we a saw Channel 7 newsreader, and then we went to the Lindt Chocolate Shop. After some minutes, we walked to the Law Courts building and went up to Level 14. There is a beautiful view from the windows. Some of us bought coffee and enjoyed the view. We took some photos of everyone in the class.

Secondly, we visited the Hyde Park Barracks Museum. It is a three storey building in a square. A kindly lady who was a tour guide spoke to us. The convicts broke the low, so they were sent to Australia and they had to do hard work outside during the day. They went back to the Barracks to sleep at night. In the Hyde Park Barrack, there were many hammocks in the rooms. The convicts slept in them, with no beds, no pillows and no toilets. It was sad. Later, Hyde Park Barracks was an asylum, and then it became government offices. Now it is a museum.

Thirdly, we had in Hyde Park, and took some photos. We went back home at 1:20. We all enjoyed the day very much.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


On Wednesday, we went to Hyde Park Barracks Museum. It was a beautiful day for us
to go on an excursion.
We met at Kogarah station ast 09:30. Then we caught the train to Martin Place. After we
got off the train, we passed a builing, where we saw the Channel 7 studio. The newsreader Ann
Sanders was preparing to read the news. I saw some strong lights around her, and there was
a camera in front of her and one lady was doing some make-up for her.
After that, we went to the Lindt Chocolate shop. But I didn't buy any. Then we walked to
14/F of the Law Court building. We had to go through the security check before we went up.
We had a cup of coffee there. We could see the city view there and we enjoyed out coffee.
After we finished our coffee, wecrossed the road and went to Hyde Park Barracks Museum.
We bought the ticket first and one tour guide who was called 'Maria' came to us and told us the history of the museum.
Hyde Park Barracks was built in 1817-1819 to provide secure night lodging for government assigned male convits. We saw the hammocks at the second floor. Maria said the convits slept on the hammocks at night time. We tried to lay down on the hammocks and I felt very uncon-
fortable. I saw some holes on the wall. Maria told us that the officer used these holes to observe
the convits. In another room, we could see their names, their crimes, why they had been sent to Australia and their punishment.
When we finished visiting the museum, we went toHyde Park and we had lunch there. We
were talking about what we heard. It was good for us to know the history of Australia. We had
a good day!

****************** ANN LEUNG ************************

Friday, May 19, 2006

from orina's excursion to Hyde park barracks Museum

Last wednesday, our class went on an excursion to Hyde Park Barracks Museum. As planned, all would meet together at Kogarah Station at 9:30.I missed the train at 9.12 and was late. Fortunately, the others were waiting for me. So sweet you all are.

After all got together, we caught a train to Martin Place. It took about half an hour when we arrived at Martine Place. Martin Place is quite different from Hurstville and is very crowed.

First of all, our English teacher Ms Merryn lead us to a building where channel 7 was located. We were very excited to find Anne Sanders, one famous newsreader, was broadcasting live news when we looked into the studio through windows. It was amazing to see a real newsreader who was at the same time appearing on TV.

After a while, we walked into LINDT chocolate shop. It is said that they have the best chocolate in the world. Although i do not like chocolate, i was absolutely impressed by the many lovely shapes of the chocolate.

Then, we walked to Law Court Building and caught a lift to Level 14, where we had a break and enjoyed the wonderful view there.

Next, we reached Hyde Park Barracks Museum. A volunteer tour guide showed us around. She told us this museum is telling its different occupants from its original purpose as a convict barracks from 1819 to 1848, to a female immigration depot, asylum for aged and infirm women. Later it also became government offices and courts. There are models showing different period of the museum.

We were surprised to find that those occupants used to sleep in hammocks! Many of us tried to lay on the hammocks. It would be comfortable to lay there only for a short period of time. It must be very suffering to stay there over night.

But what surprised me most was how heavy sentences those conflicts received in the old days. Can you immagine one would be sentenced to 7 years by stealing only ribbons? Ribbons must be very rare at that time.

Through the museum, we began to know more about Australia's histroy from the very beginning as the first fleet. We learnt lots for this excursion.

Later, we had lunch at Hyde Park. I had to leave earlier since I was going to meet my friends at the central. Because I did not know the way to the central, George and Susanna accompanied me to the Pitt Street. I was so grateful of them. Thanks a lot.

I had a great time with the classmates during the excursion and know more about Australia. I hope we can have more excurtions like this in the future.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Welcome to our Blog

Hello LLNP-5
Welcome to our very own blog. This is like a website/on-line diary for all of us to use to express our opinions about anything. We can also post our photos from our excursions, add links to interesting websites etc.

Yesterday we had an interesting and enjoyable trip to the Hyde Park Barracks.